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 September 24, 2018

Bulldogs Learn Social Media Responsibility
In today's media saturated society, young people can often harm their reputations and college prospects with images or words that they post online.  This has proven to be especially true in the world of athletics where, recently, some of today's professional athletes are finding themselves having to explain inappropriate pictures or text messages that they posted during their high school years.  What student-athletes do online today, can have far reaching consequences into their future and could impact whether or not their desired colleges choose to accept them to their institution and/or their teams.  For this reason, the Island Trees Athletic Department was proud to host guest speaker, Dr. Nancy S. Kaplan (a long time educator who has spent her career in higher education at St. John's University and was a 4 year member of the St. John's Women's Basketball team).  On Wednesday, September 12th, Dr. Kaplan spoke with all of our HS athletes on the topic of "Social Media Responsibility- You are What You Share".   This interactive workshop helped students understand the power of social media as it relates to one's brand and image. The advantages and disadvantages of social media were covered and students learned how to use social media to enhance and protect one's own reputation.  Finally, through real-life examples, students learned the pitfalls to avoid, as well as major considerations, when using social media.
This workshop was timely and well received by our Island Trees student-athletes.  It is hoped that the lessons learned in this presentation will go far in helping our Bulldogs understand both the positive and negative influences that social media can have on them as they look forward to their lives beyond the hallways of Island Trees High School.





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