“Students Arrested at Stokes”  

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Connect-Ed System

What is Connect-Ed?

The Connect-ED service will enable Island Trees School administrators to increase their communication with the school community by sending messages to parents and staff members in a matter of minutes. This means that the district can ensure that parents will receive important information about the safety of their children.


The Connect-ED service also allows parents to be updated about important events, and announcements pertaining to the school there child is attending. The service can be used to inform parents of upcoming teacher/parent meetings and information about attendance, holidays, field trips and bus routes. It can also be tailored to send messages to parents with children in specific grades or to parents of students participating in a particular sports team or club.


The fully hosted service does not require additional hardware, so the Connect-ED service can be used from any telephone or computer with Internet access, allowing Island Trees administrators to send vital messages from wherever they are located – even if they are evacuated in an emergency situation.

To ensure that important messages and alerts reach students and staff quickly, no matter what their preferred method of communication is, the Connect-ED system sends voice and text messages through three different modes of communication:


  1. Voice messages to home phones, work phones and cell phones.

  2. Text messages to cell phones, PDAs and other text-based devices

  3. Written Messages to e-mail accounts

What does the Island Trees School District need from Parents in the district?

The information about parents in the district comes from the Island Trees School District Student Management System, Power School.  In some cases some information may be incorrect or outdated. 



If you fail to receive messages is important that you contact the school and update your information on file with:


John Rezek

District Director of Technology

516 495-7730

You may also e-mail your information at info@islandtrees.org.

  Please provide us with:

Parent Name:

Child or Children Names:



Home Phone:

Cell Phone:

Work Phone: (only if it is a direct number, NO EXTENSIONS)


The Island Trees School District thanks you for your participation in providing us this necessary information and wants you to know your child is safe. We are working hard to provide the best education in a safe environment.                                                                                                      

 For more information on Connect-ED, Click Here